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Mentor Demographics

The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program mentors come from every corner of the metropolitan Philadelphia community. We actively recruit volunteers from local businesses, religious institutions, colleges, retirement centers, and civic organizations. The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program also uses volunteers to assist with recruiting mentors, coordinating community outings, organizing group events, and staffing the program offices. All volunteers must go through an application process, criminal background checks, reference checks, and an in-person interview.


The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program enhances the lives of our community’s  youth by providing adult mentors to engage them in meaningful educational, recreational, and developmental activities.


The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program is collaboration between the Adventist Humanitarian Resource Center and the School District of Philadelphia. The program was  founded in 2009 to help decrease the high school dropout rate, improve graduate rates, and prepare students for college and vocational education.


The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program mentors are safe, successful volunteer adults from the community who meet weekly with their mentee. The location of mentoring meetings alternates between the school sites, where mentors assist with academic and  educational activities, and trips into the community, where matches can explore additional recreational and youth developmental activities. All Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program matches go on additional group outings once a quarter.

All matches are one adult to one youth and are required to last for a full calendar year, with community-based meetings during the summer months when the school facilities are closed.


The Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program takes a broad developmental approach to mentoring that focuses on helping youth build their own capacity to succeed in education and in life. By empowering youth to make good decisions and set positive goals, the Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program strives to impact:

  • Academic achievement and attitudes towards school and education
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Gang involvement and delinquency
  • Family and peer relations
  • Youth self-esteem and confidence

Youth Served

Over the next three (3) years, the Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program will have enabled at least 300 Philadelphia high school students to achieve college entry level proficiency or obtain alternative career training. Through the Philadelphia Educational Opportunities Program, students will gain effective study, time management, decision making, leadership, and life skills.

Community Resource Fair

AHRC’s seasonal Community Resource Fairs are fun and informative. The fairs are held in different neighborhoods throughout the city, and our main goal is to connect underserved and unemployed residents with important resources offered by community, civic, and governmental agencies. Activities such as prize giveaways, free food, children’s activities, face painting, music, and entertainment help make the community fair a day of fun for all ages.

The Community Resource Fairs provide opportunities for residents to meet with representatives of governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, civic groups, and businesses such as the PhillyFreeCycle, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, The Lion’s Club, Career Link, the Office of Support Housing, Bank of America, the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission, and the Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement. Participating organizations provide services such as health and medical resources, eviction prevention, career and employment leads, utilities assistances, and educational resources.

Disaster Preparedness

The best response to a disaster or an emergency is readiness. AHRC partners with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (SEPA VOAD) to provide disaster preparedness training for community members. Our trained volunteers help the people most adversely affected by catastrophic events such as low-income citizens, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. AHRC’s disaster preparedness training equips volunteers to plan for everything from blood to blankets, food and shelter, transportation and evacuation, communications and lost and found.

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